Water Lies

Won't Use Treated Mine Water as Promised

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from Coal Tattoo blog From the start, Longview promised it would obtain its cooling water from underground coal mines in nearby Greene County, PA that were threatening to "break out" and discharge acidic water to nearby creeks and the Monongahela River.  AMD Reclamation, Inc. (AMDRI), established and operated by GenPower (Longview Power's owner) obtained over $7.5 Million from the Taxpayers of Pennsylvania, with additional money coming from MEPCO/Dana/Laurita Mining, supposedly to pump and treat mine water to be used for Longview Power's cooling water.  AMDRI is now pumping, but not treating, acidic mine water and discharging it who knows where.  As one of its lies, Longview has done an about face and says it will now use cooling water from the Monongahela River, not from treated mine water.

Using treated mine water was one of Longview's promises to help the environment it is degrading.

Will Use Trucks to Haul Coal

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coal truck from Coal Tattoo blog As one of its many promises/lies, Longview said it would conveyor coal to the plant so coal trucks would not be needed. A with its other promises, Longview, if it ever gets going, plans to use trucks to deliver coal from nearby mines. The conveyor is still planned, but it will not carry as much coal as originally promised.