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No More Acid Mine Water Clean Up?

Longview ow wants to draw water from the Monongahela River and forego cleaning up acidic mine water. More in report on page.


Federal Transmission Corridor Challenged

The designation of our region and others as part of a National Interest Electric Transmission Corridor (NIETC) is being challenged by States and Twenty Organizations. Stories


Longview Wants More

Longview wants to replace the escrow account ($$ to tear it down in case the plant is wholly or partially built and never operated) with a letter of credit that must be renewed every year. The Public Service Commision (PSC) says, "No way!" See it here at the PSC's Webdocket.


Western Greenbrier Powerplant in Financial Trouble

The Associated Press reports that Western Greenbrier Co-Generation was unable to refinance a $4.87 million loan with its lender. Read the Nov 27th story. This power plant, proposed to be built in Greenbrier County near Rainelle, West Virginia, would ostensibly burn waste coal (also known as "gob"). Therefore it has been labeled a "clean coal" plant. However, if gob had enough usable BTUs, it would already have been burned, not piled up as waste. In other words, burning gob, or waste coal, produces more ash than burning regular coal because it has less carbon. Gob piles will be essentially put in the air as flyash. What doesn't go in the air (bottom ash) will be put in a landfill. The Highlands Voice has a story on the proposed Western Greenbrier Co-Generation power plant.


Allegheny Energy's Proposed High-Voltage Trans. Line

Allegheny (Trans-Allegheny Interstate Line Company or TrAILCo) wants to build an enormous power line through our community and neighboring states. They say it is absolutely needed, yet they will put a surcharge on our electricity bills to subsidize it! So much for the Free Market. The electricity is not needed here; West Virginia generates much more electricity than it uses. Once again the poor pay the rich to get richer.

It is not too late to get involved! Politicians in PA and VA have taken a stand against it, but Monongalia's own County Commission refuses. The WV Public Service Commission will decide in January 2008. They and Governor Joe Manchin need to hear from you! Here is a Charleston Gazette story to motivate you. Find out more information here

West Virginia:
Halleck and Southern Monongalia County Community Association
Capon Valley Coalition
Sierra Club, West Virginia Chapter
Laurel Run Watershed Association

Stop the Towers

Virginia (Dominion Power):
Virginia's Commitment
Piedmont Environmental Council and Some good news!


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